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Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most popular series that has received rave reviews from around the world, and in its fourth season, it introduces a new character that immediately becomes a fan favorite, one of which is Eddie Munson.

You could say Eddie Munson is the new magnet in this series, not only that, even some fans have created a fan base that calls them the Eddie Munson Cult.

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PFP (Profile Picture) Eddie & Lana Cult

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1 Eddie cult PFP stranger things

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2 Eddie cult PFP Dringking

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3 Lana Cult PFP

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What is Eddie Cult on TikTok?

Eddie Munson Cult is a fan base of one of the Stranger Things characters named Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn. The character, who debuted in season 4, was liked by many audiences because he has an interesting personality as a rock star and is close to many people.

The fan base who calls himself Eddie Cult also has many ways to express his liking for this one character. Some have created video content featuring photos of Eddie, and some have chosen to use Eddie Cult’s profile photo on their TikTok account.

For profile photos, usually, the fan base will feature a fire location with a blazing fire, we’re on the right is the face of Eddie Munson, who is famous for having long hair.

Not only Eddie, but other characters also have a fan base with similar names, one of which is Lana Cult.

Not much different from Eddie Cult’s PFP, Lana Cult’s photo also has the same concept where there is a burning spot followed by Lana’s face.

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