Download the trending cult minion PFP (for profile picture) and join this cult to get more followers on your TikTok account.

TikTok users do have unique characteristics and can express what they love in different ways. One of them joins the fanbase that often refers to itself as a cult. Don’t be too serious, because this is just for fun.

If in the previous series Stranger Things, fans made Eddie Munson Cult and Lana Cult, now in the film Despicable Me, fans make another cult as a forum for fans.

They call it a minion cult, where those who want to join this fanbase must use the PFP Cult Minion on their TikTok account.

Do you want to join a minion cult?

You can download a picture of a cult minion PFP, that shows the minion holding a winged ball over its head. Here are the minion cult PFPs in HD size that you can download.

1 Minion Cult PFP

name: 1. Minion Cult PFP.jpg
type: image/jpeg
size: 54 KB
Dimensions: 700 by 700 pixels

2 Minion Cult Picture Dark

name: 2. Minion Cult Picture Dark.jpg
type: image/jpeg
size: 41 KB
Dimensions: 700 by 700 pixels

What is Minion Cult PFP?

The Cult minion PFPs are profile pictures showing minions holding glowing balls, used as an initial condition for their members to join this cult.

Not much different from the Eddie Cult PFP’s, it’s a fans base for characters Minion on the film Despicable Me.

If you fall in love with Minion, you can join to this cult, just for fun or get more followers on TikTok account..

How to Join

Are you one of the people who like the minion character in despicable me and wants to join the cult minion? here are some things you can do.

1. Download the HD size pfp cult minion we shared above, then replace your TikTok profile picture with that image.

2. Follow other users who are also using the same profile photo as you.

3. Wait for other users in the cult minion to follow your TikTok account.

4. You can also create content about minions to summon other cult minions.

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