Oshi no Ko Quotes – Oshi no Ko, an extraordinary masterpiece within the realm of animanga, has enthralled audiences with its profound portrayal of emotions. It traverses a spectrum of feelings, evoking sadness, uneasiness, happiness, grief, anger, and much more.

In the subjective world of anime, opinions vary greatly, and what one person may consider the pinnacle of excellence, others might dismiss as mediocre. However, labeling something as a masterpiece is no small feat. Yet, in the case of Oshi no Ko, bestowing this honor comes effortlessly.

The overwhelming consensus among a multitude of individuals attests to its brilliance, as evidenced by its status as the spring season 2023 number one top-rated anime. Oshi no Ko has attained a level of achievement that surpasses expectations and sets it apart from its peers.

Best Oshi no Ko Quotes

Anime Oshi No Ko also has a lot of good quotes. Here are 17 quotes from the anime Oshi no Ko that have been uttered by its characters, ranging from Aquamarine, Ai Hoshino, Kana Arima, to Taishi Gotanda.

Ai Hoshino Quotes

Ai Hoshino, the central idol of B-Komachi, a renowned idol group under the management of Strawberry Productions, has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Previously, she hailed from a humble background, lacking professionalism in her pursuits.

Today, not only is she an accomplished idol, but also a loving mother to Aqua and Ruby, truly exemplifying her growth and multifaceted character. And here are some quotes from Ai Hoshino.

1. I don’t have a family, you see. I always longed for one. I’m carrying twins, right? I’m sure our family will be a cheerful and fun one!

Ai Hoshino

2. Ruby, Aqua, I love you. Those words definitely weren’t a lie.

Ai Hoshino

3. To me, lies are love. And in my own way, I thought I was expressing love.

Ai Hoshino

4. Piling on lie after lie, we look happy as we sing on stage no matter what struggles we might face. What a fun job!

Ai Hoshino

5. Lies are the most exquisite love!

Ai Hoshino

6. If you’re scared of falling over, you’ll just fall even more.

Ai Hoshino

7. The thought of it scares me. That’s why today I will once again lie, believing the lies will become the truth. Even if I end up paying for it one day…

Ai Hoshino

Aquamarine Hoshino Quotes

Aquamarine Hoshino, a remarkable individual with a complex history. In a previous life, he was known as Gorou Amemiya, a dedicated and skilled doctor. His profession led him to care for various patients, one of whom was Ai Hoshino, a beloved idol whom he admired deeply.

Tragically, Gorou’s mortal journey came to an end, and he passed away. However, his story took an astonishing turn after his death. In a twist of fate, he was reborn into a new life as Ai’s son. Alongside his newfound existence, Ai welcomed a twin sister named Ruby Hoshino. Interestingly, Ruby, previously known as Sarina, was also one of Gorou’s patients during his time as a doctor.

Aquamarine Hoshino represents a unique amalgamation of past and present, bridging the gap between his former life as a physician, his admiration for Ai Hoshino, and his new role as Ai’s son, alongside his sister Ruby. Here are some quotes from Aquamarine Hoshino in the anime Oshi No Ko.

8. I’m already here, so I might as well go out with a bang.

Aquamarine Hoshino

9. It’s no good to hold onto goals that are beyond your means.

Aquamarine Hoshino

10. In front of an excessively intense light, people can but get scorched. They are like moths drawn to the flame. Even upon realizing their wings will be singed off, they cannot stop.

Aquamarine Hoshino

Kana Arima Quotes

The next is Akana Arima. She is a former child prodigy and actress who was once popular in the entertainment industry.

Known for stealing the show with her talent, she faced difficulties due to her disregard for others’ feelings and her reputation for being difficult to work with. As a result, she received fewer job offers.

To survive, Kana adapted her acting style to be more versatile. She is now a friend of Aqua and Ruby Hoshino and plays a central role in the revived B-Komachi. Here are some quotes from Kana Arima.

11. I’m not so foolish as to take on a reckless gamble.

Kana Arima

12. In this world shrouded in darkness, I learned there was someone who’d been struggling along with me. That alone is enough.

Kana Arima

13. I’d like to put everything into my acting, you know. I mean, who would enjoy going out of their way to act poorly? But, good acting and creating a good show are different things.

Kana Arima

Taishi Gotanda Quotes

Taishi Gotanda is a renowned and award-winning director who played a pivotal role in Aqua Hoshino’s life.

They worked together from a young age, and Taishi’s collaboration with Aqua opened the doors for him to pursue a career in acting.

As Aqua grew up, Taishi became a mentor figure, offering guidance and support in his journey as an actor. Here are some quotes from Taishi Gotanda.

14. Don’t shy away just ’cause you’ve had a setback or two.

Taishi Gotanda

15. Every single person has the right to dream. After all, you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Taishi Gotanda

16. Reading someone’s intentions is one part of communication skills.

Taishi Gotanda

17. It’s fine to dream of the entertainment industry, but it’s best not to have illusions about the entertainment industry.

Taishi Gotanda

As we conclude our exploration of the remarkable quotes from “Oshi no Ko,” we are reminded of the power of storytelling to inspire, uplift, and guide us on our own personal journeys.

These words serve as beacons of wisdom, encouraging us to pursue our dreams, embrace resilience, cherish friendships, redefine success, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Let the lessons from “Oshi no Ko Quotes” resonate within us, igniting the spark to create our own extraordinary stories in the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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